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About us

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LinearLED is a family owned company that specializes in interior and exterior LED lighting but mainly in linear lighting; that is anything from ceiling coves to under-counters in kitchens, to bathroom vanities, walk-in closets, wine cellars, bookshelves, bars, etc.

What sets us apart from the competition is that we have developed a unique product that is not only completely dimmable but also offers a complete palette of colours available to match any decor. Not all LED’s are created equal. Although many claim to be “warm white”, they vary dramatically from one manufacturer to another. By choosing the right colour and pairing it with the proper filter, we are able to match any kind of conventional light colour or create a completely new one.

Since the satisfaction of our clients and designers is our priority, our company offers writemypapers personalized service, allowing you to select beforehand the perfect colour to match your decor and suit your needs, avoiding after installation disappointments. In fact, the end result usually soars high and above our clients expectations…