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Task Lighting with Linear LEDs: Design Principles Tutorial

Discover the basics of task lighting design using linear LEDs. Subscribe to our channel for more videos addressing FAQ about linear LED installation and design. Visit for our full range of products and portfolio. - - - LinearLED is a company based in the greater Montreal area specializing in custom linear LED lighting. Visit our website and contact us about your projects today.

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Transcript: "For task lighting, the fixture should be installed centered above the workspace. Our SF track, with a minimum one hundred eighty LED per meter strip is what we recommend. Sounds simple right? Take for example a standard counter top with cabinets installed above. Now, consider the whole space to make sure there aren’t multiple lines of sight. The cabinet can be modified to mask the source of light. Careful! It might not be as simple as it first seemed. There are many options available. Remember that light travels in straight lines, you can predict where light will be visible by using accurate plans. Another important thing to consider is the wire path at the end of the fixture and its connection to the power supply either within the unit or in a remote location. For more information on this please refer to our video about wiring and installation where we go into more detail." - - -

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